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Visa Services

Family Visa Services are available to expatriate residents of the UAE who wish to bring their spouses and children with them.

    Visa Services for Families – Wife, Children, Parents & Maid Visas.

    What conditions must be met to obtain a family visa?

    With a family visa, only you can sponsor members of your immediate family, such as your wife and children, who must meet certain requirements set forth by the UAE government. One of the primary requirements is that the sponsor’s minimum annual income, which includes housing for his immediate family, be 4000 AED. Our visa procedure professionals will explain the various requirements for sponsoring one’s parent or parents.

    How long does it typically take to obtain a family visa?

    It entirely relies on the paperwork you provide. The visa will be issued in 3–4 working days if all the necessary paperwork are submitted and meet immigration regulations.

    OUR role in obtaining services for family visas?

    We will help you with the entire procedure and handle obtaining the visa from beginning to end, taking care of the medical and Emirates ID typing aswell.

    We suggest any of our clients seeking family visa services get in touch with our visa services team through the channels listed below to learn more about the information and costs. According to the type of visa—wife and children resident visa, parents resident visa, sponsoring a maid visa—there are numerous paperwork and steps that must be taken, and a security deposit must be paid if the Sponsor is on an Investor/Partner Visa.